IoT and SaaS solutions
for the Transportation Industry.

Our integrated platform connects Vehicles, People and Trips. And dramatically improves the productivity of a commercial vehicle fleet, either passenger or freight.

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We Need
TempoGo is designed for any company that owns or operates
a fleet of over 20 vehicles—either for its own use or as a commercial transportation offering.
The ProblemsWe Solve
TempoGo is built to solve numerous problems and answer many questions,
faced by the transportation sector today.
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01IoT Layer
hardware unit
(with a built-in vehicle
immobilizer) to track vehicle
location and speed
Sensors Suite to monitor
‘door-open’ and,
temperature-variation status
of the load-bay for
refrigerated trucks and
OBD2 adapter to record and
transmit vehicle data including
engine data, temperature, oil,
coolant, vehicle behaviour
(sudden acceleration or
deceleration, over-speeding,
sharp cuts) hence providing a surrogate data-point for driver behaviour
02SaaS Layer
A Trip Management software to, match supply and demand of
vehicles, track shipments and complete digital invoicing
  • ANALYSE Data
  • Manage TRIPS
  • Manage FLEET
03Business Intelligence Layer
  • Operations MANAGER



  • Track real-time location, safety and health information of vehicles
  • Receive alerts for critical incidents and maintenance schedules
  • Visualize vehicle utilization and driving behaviour data
  • Manage complete fleet operations


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